Dirty Sniper Ratz is a Norwegian gaming community built on the backbone of the Delta Force Land Warrior kickass clan by the same name.

We started up in February 2001 and soon became one of Norways leading DFLW clans.

July 2002 we expanded into Delta Force Task Force Dagger and Americas Army, and a few months later we took upon Battlefield 1942.

The Delta Force Division have evolved into Black Hawk Down (2003) and Joint Operations (mid 2004). Our Battlefield 1942 Division have been succeded by Battlefield Vietnam (mid 2004). While our Americas Army Division is still going strong.

The current dsr consists of the old core members from our DFLW division and several new players that have been added to the community to fill up our rosters.

The structure of dsr is like one big mob-family. FSU is our Godfather and Nitro, Hansiball and Perrin are the Elders of dsr. Each of our divisons have their own adminstration and acts independently from each other, supervised by The Elders of course.

The ultimate goal of dsr is to be the best we can, while at the same time maintaining our policy of having fun all the way.

The fun never sets on dsr!!!